A strong economy is job number one for Tom Patti. As a local business owner for over 25 years, Tom has created jobs and met a payroll. He understands first-hand how regulations and taxes stymie growth.

As our county supervisor, Tom will work to create new and better paying jobs in San Joaquin County by making our region a friendly place to do business and raise a family.

He will lead the fight to cut red tape and eliminate job-killing regulations which will kick start San Joaquin County’s economy.



A father, Tom understands the importance of education and will work tirelessly to ensure San Joaquin County has the best schools and outstanding teachers. By working with partners in our county’s school districts, Tom will ensure that our students have access to the best materials to help them succeed.

Tom Patti supports the establishment of a California State University campus in San Joaquin County and will work with the state legislature to make that a reality.

Tom served as a longtime member of the Delta College Foundation Board, where he worked to meet the needs of area employers and/or provide support for economic development in our region.


Keeping San Joaquin County safe is a serious matter for Tom Patti. Tom volunteers his time and is a donor to the local Crime Stoppers program. Additionally, Tom Patti is a board member of the San Joaquin County Child Abuse Prevention Council, where he has been recognized for his numerous contributions in raising awareness of the organization’s goals and objectives.

Former San Joaquin County District attorney Jim Willett appreciates his volunteer and fundraising efforts to protect us from crime and put criminals in jail. That’s why he enthusiastically supports Tom Patti for supervisor.

Tom will work to ensure our law enforcement is equipped with the best resources to keep us safe.



Tom Patti was born in San Joaquin County and is proud to call the Delta region his home. Tom will NEVER support efforts to ship our water to southern California and is a steadfast opponent of the governor’s misguided “Twin Tunnels” scheme.

Tom believes California needs to increase water storage capacity. As our supervisor, Tom will work to improve water security and ensure that agriculture is not unfairly penalized to benefit wealthy users in Los Angeles.

Furthermore, Tom Patti will ensure that drinking water is of the highest quality and safe for our families.